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Streamlining Finance

Month End Financial Close Software


Whether you need to ACCELERATE the financial close or to improve VISIBILITY across the reconciliation process then a STREAMLINED approach can deliver ROI.


Not only are the benefits BENEFICIAL to the Finance Team it also COMPLIMENTS the Compliance and Audit Teams. MANAGE and MITIGATE the RISKS associated with reconciliations.


Do you know WHO is doing the reconciliation, WHAT you are reconciling, WHEN the reconciliation should be completed by (because we measure KPIs) and WHY you are actually doing the reconciliation.


If the answer is NO then you may need a product like RecWise.


Turn NO into KNOW...know who is doing the reconciliation, what stage it is at, are there attachments or perhaps ageing items that need immediate attention and ensure continuity through the process by adding knowledge to each reconciliation and best of all WORKFLOW the process from START to FINISH.


AUTO COMPLETE reconciliation using predetermined completion rules. Work smarter with defined FREQUENCIES.


SIMPLIFYING doesn't mean that you need to change the process. 


RecWise was previously known as versaRecman or simply Recman.