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BENEFITS can be measured in VARIOUS ways. Some look to IMPROVING the user experience, some look to COMPLIMENTING benefits and some look straight to the ROI.

At RecWise we build on our RELATIONSHIPS rather than involve CONSULTANTS we consult with you. You already know the PROCESS so why not just MODERNISE and AUTOMATE the process. We are PASSIONATE about your business and AIM to add FEATURES that are sometime UNIQUE to you into the product to add more BENEFIT.

We are always responsive to our Customer NEEDS, we have a big heart and a soul UNLIKE some larger companies.

Benefits such as REDUCE printing and storage costs, IMPROVED audit results, the ability to MEASURE KPI's, deliver EFFICIENCIES, know what AGED ITEMS TOTAL and WHO is RESPONSIBLE.





     The world’s largest diversified resources company.


      Having more than 100 operations in approximately 20 countries, BHP occupies industry leader or near industry leader positions in            major commodity businesses, including aluminium, energy coal and metallurgical coal, copper, ferro-alloys, iron ore and titanium            minerals, and have substantial interests in oil, gas, liquefied natural gas, nickel, diamonds and silver.

      Now processing 30,000 reconciliations per month for 300+ companies.

     The Challenge

     The reconciliation process in BHP is performed by hundreds of staff in different offices globally. Before RecWise, it was a manual,             error prone and labour intensive task performed in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with a bit of help from an Access Database. The             database was used to show which accounts had been reconciled for the month, but it too was, a manual process which only                     provided one parameter to report on.

     The main challenges were:

     Cost, Visibility, Version Control, Accessibility, Internal Controls, Storing Issues and Reporting

     Why RecWise?


     BHP recently looked to upgrade their reconciliation process. Whilst performing their World Class Functions they invited vendors to           present their solutions. BHP knowing that Recman, the predecessor to RecWise, was robust and capable in delivering their needs             choose to upgrade. 


     Past performance and the ability to deliver a newer enhanced version at a cost that other companies cannot match made RecWise the       product that BHP have invested in for their future.


     Having a good working relationship we have partnered with BHP for in excess of 15+ years which is something unique.


     BHP has worked with us to enhance the product to suit their needs, whilst it is still a Vanilla offering we can adapt and value add               easier than other companies.


     RecWise was formerly known as versaRecman or just Recman for ease.



BHP reconciliations


PowerCor and CitiPower is Victoria's largest electricity distributor.


The CitiPower and Powercor distribution networks are the most reliable in Victoria and stretch from central Melbourne, west to the borders of South Australia, and north to New South Wales. We deliver every day to almost 1.1 million Victorians.

PowerCor recently have started the upgrade process to RecWise v3.4 and having purchased another retailer will be folding that business also into RecWise. United Energy were utilising Blackline however being more cost effective and using our services for a number of years CHED Services are upgrading.




​Queensland Rail is dedicated to increasing rail patronage through improved reliability, frequency of services and making rail travel the transport mode of choice in Queensland. We are​ committed to building a better passenger business by connecting with customers, improving frontline services and facilitating Queensland’s growth and development.


  • Founded 1865

  • More than 50 million customer journeys on the Citytrain​ network (south-east Queensland) per year

  • More than 700,000 customer journeys on the Travel network (long distance rail) and Tourist trains per year

  • More than $6.9 billion in total assets

  • More than $1.9 billion in revenues

  • More than 6,500km of track

  • Workforce of more than 5,800

  • 216 stations across Queensland​​​



Australia’s largest rail freight operator and a top 50 ASX company.


Each year, the Company transports more than 250 million tonnes of Australian commodities, connecting miners, primary producers, and industry with international and domestic markets. It provides customers with integrated freight and logistics solutions across an extensive national rail and road network, traversing Australia.


The Company also owns and operates one of the world’s largest coal rail networks, linking approximately 50 mines with three major ports in Queensland.

Aurizon have completed the upgrade to V3.3 of RecWise to take advantage of the new features and benefits that the new application will give to them. This allows Aurizon to keep their historical data also and going forward utilise new rules and upload facilities previously not available in Recman.

In their words "We won't be leaving the next upgrade for so long as we can take advantage of the new features immediately."


(previously - BT Investment Management)


Expertise, innovation, experience


From its inception in 1969 BT Investment Management’s (BTIM) business has been built on the expertise and innovation of its investment team, led by experienced investment managers focused on delivering investment performance for clients.


Investing is our only business and we operate a multi-boutique structure that provides for a full investment autonomy. This offers our investment professionals an entrepreneurial working environment, defined by clear accountability for investment returns and transparency of rewards. This approach also ensures strong alignment of the goals of our investment teams with those of our clients.



The biggest mining project development in the Antofagasta region, Chile, South America.


Sierra Gorda SCM will produce copper concentrates and molybdenum.Total investment of US$ 4,200 million.


With the need to grow also came the challenge on finding a Reconciliation solution. Working with Sierra Gorda SCM we implemented the system and overcame a few challenges but keeping the customer in the picture and resolving the issues fast we fostered a great relationship. 



Responsible for providing work injury insurance and regulating the SA Return to Work scheme.


Providing insurance that protects South Australian businesses and their workers in the event of a work injury. 


Designed to protect business owners from the full cost of work injuries, we provide financial support to cover worker wages, reasonable medical treatment and return to work services to people who have been injured at work.


Our services and those delivered by our claims agents are designed to provide early intervention support to workers and employers following a work injury to ensure the worker can recover and return to work as quickly as possible.


Flinders University enjoys a well-justified reputation for its excellence in teaching and research. It has a long-standing commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for all and a proud record of community engagement.


With over 20,000 students in 2015 Flinders is rated in the Top 2% of universities Worldwide.


One of Australia’s largest credit unions with 353,000 members across Australia and branches in South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, Western Australia and Australian Capital Territory.

Created through the merger of Australian Central and Savings & Loans in December 2009, People’s Choice Credit Union offers a genuine alternative to the major banks.

Key facts and statistics

  • 353,000 members across Australia

  • 43 branches and 5 advice centres in South Australia, the Northern Territory, Victoria, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory

  • $9.6 billion of funds under management and advice

  • Over 1,100 employees


The University is an international institution that distinctively embraces the ideal of the research university, where the excitement, vitality and passion of the search for new knowledge is one in which all students participate; as an enlightened and tolerant community where able students can find support, whatever their background or circumstances; and as a place where the Kaurna people, original custodians of the land on which the campuses now rest, are acknowledged and their culture respected.

The University constitutes a vibrant and diverse community with over 25,000 students and over 3,500 members of staff across our three main campuses.


Located 162 km southeast of Copiapo, 9 km from the border with Argentina and to a maximum height of 4,600 meters. The mine is an Open Pit.

Production Statistics

   Copper cathode (30,000 tons).
   Fine copper contained in concentrates (110,000 to 150,000 tons per year)
   Molybdenum contained in concentrates (3,000 tonnes).
   Concentrator treatment capacity
   105 000 tons per day, average.
   Plant Capacity SX / EW
   30,000 tonnes of cathodes average.



   During the construction stage: over 18,000 workers during peak activity. In the operative phase: 2,000        

   employees, including company and contractor company employees.



   1,047 million tons of sulfide ore with an average copper grade of 0.34%, 120 ppm of molybdenum.

   296 million tons of leachable ore with a total copper grade of 0.30%.

Flinders Ports.jpg

Flinders Ports is South Australia’s leading port operator with seven ports located at Port Adelaide, Port Lincoln, Port Pirie, Thevenard, Port Giles, Wallaroo and Klein Point.

In addition to our port operations we also have a hydrographic survey division, called HydroSurvey Australia.


Hastings Deering has an 80 year history of serving our customers across Queensland and the Northern Territory, delivering solutions that support their ongoing success. Headquartered in Brisbane, Hastings Deering sells and rents machinery, provides parts and service, and delivers fleet management and productivity solutions for mining and construction job-sites.


SYSPRO develop an sell a unique ERP solution globally. As a privately-held company, SYSPRO has only one stakeholder: our customers. Because of this, innovation and continued improvement in the software is based on the feedback and request of our customers. Our customers can rest easy and trust that SYSPRO has their best interest in mind when determining the product roadmap, and not that of a private equity institution.