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We knocked on the doors of heavy industrial companies and asked them to show us the jobs no one else could do.....The work no one else wanted to do. The projects others said were just too hard.

In the early days we cut our teeth on the difficult projects. We figured out how to achieve the outcomes our clients needed. We developed new technologies. We challenged the way things were done and we worked out how to do it better.

Our first major project was in 1990, just one year after we were established. We delivered one of the biggest oil refinery catalyst change-out projects in the world at the time. The client was the New Zealand Refining Company and we’re proud to say we still have this company as a client today.


The team at Contract Resources were looking for a reconciliation solution and found us online. Again there are other tools in the market but a cost effective solution is what we are.

Lots of businesses are recommended products that are high cost and have a lot of consultancy cost built in. But we offer a fair priced solution that meets the needs of customers without the added hype of consultants.


As per other customers the solution works and is easy to configure. We deliver on the demonstration concept to provide customers with a go point. No building required it is all turn key.

RecWise worked with the Contract Resources vendor model to install the application on-site.


The customer actually read all the training and how to do documents and self trained as they were busy with their business. A great outcome where the customer drives the solution internally. Of course we did offer to train the team as its part of the course but the solution has been adopted and working well in the Contract Resources world.