We own and operate infrastructure that delivers gas to more than two million Australian homes and businesses.


We also deliver gas that supports the Australian economy – for power generators, mines and manufactures.

Our portfolio of companies delivers for customers across Australia. The combined distribution, transmission and storage assets make AGIG one of the largest gas infrastructure businesses in Australia.


Our current client PowerCor / CitiPower had been using the product for a number of years. One of the System Accountants recommended RecWise to the AGIG team as they had seen the ability of the product.

RecWise presented in Melbourne, Australia the product at the AGIG offices and provided the required information. This allows also the team to segregate the reconciliations between businesses that may be transferred.

The ease of use and the ability to self manage appealled as well as the cost to implement and deliver.


Whilst installs are sometimes seen to be a challenge this is generally not the case.


A simple template that is completed by the customer provided all the data needed and this was then setup in-house.

Once completed the data was shipped to the AGIG preferred suppliers servers and deployed.


Training was completed and the AGIG team went live. Simple and effective.

User utilising another domain and active directory were catered for with a few pieces of new code added to the application. This allows the users to effectively manage their reconciliations. 


The customer has been more than happy with the capability of the application and when any questions arise is more than happy to contact us.


We love the interaction and the ability to resolve minor issues fast via a phone call or support email.