Customer Successes

A no nonsense application that delivers exceptional features to customers using RecWise both locally and globally.

Users across the globe : Malaysia, Switzerland, Japan, China, Singapore, USA, Trinidad & Tobago, Spain, Chile, Brazil, Philippines, Canada, UK, South Africa and Australia

BHP is a world-leading resources company. We extract and process minerals, oil and gas, with more than 80,000 employees and contractors, primarily in Australia and the Americas. Our products are sold worldwide, with sales and marketing led through Singapore and Houston, United States. Our global headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia.


We have supported BHP for over 17 years. A trusted business critical solution RecWise is trusted and robust.
BHP went to market in 2018 to see what the market currently offered in the area of balance sheet reconciliations. Up against market leaders Blackline, BHP decided to upgrade and align with RecWise. There were no additional benefits from the market and as such we offered a more cost effective solution.

We are listed in BHP vendor software as BUSINESS CRITICAL software.


The upgrade challenge meant bringing forward the historical data in our prior legacy version. This meant aligning old data to new company names, process teams etc and to include all the attachments.

RecWise has always been scaleable and although previously having five historical instances and one consolidated instance these were all upgraded and brought forward into the upgraded environment.

The project ended with 275+ companies with standard templates and standard rules that improved the identification of the reconciliations by a configured naming convention. Coupled with 145+ reconciliations per company means that RecWise manages around 40,000 reconciliations per month.

Our upgrade project meant converting the data for all historical records and maintaining supporting documents, building the new software to meet the needs of the business and training users around the globe. We even had to get to Kuala Lumper to train the users, but everything is always achievable.

Whilst working with the World Class Functions team, they requested a few enhancements to improve the way they managed reconciliations to which we said yes. These enhancements were made ready and tested to meet the customers requirements all before the requested go-live date. Also working to budget and delivering means that we had a happy and appreciative customer.

With the likes of Deloittes and PWC also auditing the results they can each be given access in order to reduce the interruption to the business as they can search and view the reconciliations and the supporting data.


BHP were more than happy with the deliverables and attention to detail in delivering the upgraded solution. The size and extent of the project was manageable and with the added feature requests was able to be delivered on time and on budget. No external consultants required and working closely with the finance team to build lasting relationships.

We continue to deliver on our relationship of nearly 20 years.

RecWise is listed within BHP as business CRITICAL software. We support BHP within our 9am to 5pm day to day operations as being a trusted and robust solution which works.

Aurizon is helping grow regional Australia by delivering bulk commodities to the world. To achieve this, the Company has three major avenues: Network, Coal, and Bulk. Aurizon is also a leading specialist in the services of rail design, engineering, construction, management and maintenance, and offers large-scale supply chain solutions to a diverse range of customers.

​The Company’s success and future value are linked to the key demand drivers of the Australian resources sector in global markets and the ongoing strength of the Australian economy.

​Aurizon is well placed to benefit from the continued long-term growth in demand for coal and iron ore, particularly from fast-growing Asian economies such as Japan, China and India.


RecWise was chosen over 10 years ago to provide a solution, versaRecman. The solution was upgraded in 2018 as there was a need to take advantage of new features to move with the Aurizon business.

​For IE11 in 2021, we are upgrading both the current version and the historical data to ensure there is no reliance on IE11.

As Aurizon had been using the product for some time another upgrade ensued. Why you ask had they not upgraded previously, well the software just works.


Some customers have a more challenging scenario where it comes to updating or implementing patches. We currently work via the customers IT department in order to facilitate the changes required. We work within the customer’s preferred vendor model to access the environment which ensures that it can be monitored.

​Since we don’t push updates on our customers they have the confidence that the application is available.


The upgrade to transition data from IE11 will be successful as this activity has already been undertaken and tested. Users will be able to utilise either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.

A new test environment will be implemented by the customer at no additional cost from RecWise so that Aurizon can benefit from the future releases and test them prior to upgrading.

Pendal is an independent, global investment management business focused on delivering superior investment returns for our clients through active management.

Our proven and experienced fund managers have the autonomy to make decisions with conviction, built on a philosophy of meritocracy that fosters success from a diversity of insights and approaches to investment.


​Formerly Pendal, known as BT Investment Management (BTIM), needed to move to a reconciliation tool that could meet their expected quick turnaround.

At the time BTIM was part of the Westpac Group and was divested. BTIM was to find a replacement system to assist with the month-end reconciliations in a short turnaround period. For that, they turned to RecWise where we guaranteed we could turn around their need in ten business days once they provided us with the data required.


​The short timeframe to go-live was seen as a challenge at first however the teams worked succinctly to identify the need in order to fill the gap.

​In short, we were there for Pendal and delivered on budget and within the timeframe required.


​Pendal has moved simply through a name change from BTIM using our application. The needs of the customer are met and we met the need to deliver within a short timeframe. Whilst the ROI could be measured in reduced FTE the fact is that the resources can be put to better use.

At Sierra Gorda SCM we produce copper and molybdenum concentrate. On a daily basis, 115.000 tons of ore are processed, producing 108.000 tons of copper annually.

Molybdenum production reaches 9 thousand tons per year, being an important contribution to the country’s production. We are the operation that produces with the lowest grade of copper sulphides, with the constant challenge of looking for alternatives and new ways of producing, which positions us as low-grade mining pioneers.


​Sierra Gorda was looking for a product to help with the reconciliation process and also compared the Blackline product. For simplicity and cost the Sierra Gorda team realised the value that we could offer. It was a simple decision in order to meet the needs of the team at Sierra Gorda.


​A few small challenges based on the fact that at RecWise we don’t speak Spanish/Chilean. However, working with the team at Sierra Gorda we managed to cross the small hurdle. Also in using the local peso we need to enhance the product a little to show both USD and Peso currency which was a small enhancement that led to us introducing the ability to utilise foreign currency month-end rates which can benefit other customers.


The customer was happy with the way in which we implemented and adapted to their needs to deliver a valued product. We did this and have gained a few Chilean customers in the meantime. The training was conducted for the customer in their timezone in order to ensure that all users could attend the training sessions.

ReturnToWorkSA is responsible for providing work injury insurance and regulating the South Australian Return to Work scheme.

We provide insurance that protects South Australian businesses and their workers in the event of a work injury.

This insurance protection provides financial support to cover worker wages, reasonable medical treatment and return to work services to people who have been injured at work.

Our services and those delivered by our claims agents are designed to provide early intervention support to workers and employers following a work injury to ensure the worker can recover and return to work as quickly as possible.


Return to Work SA was approached by RecWise at the time they were actually looking for a paperless solution for their reconciliations and to meet their compliance and audit outcomes needs.
Luckily at the time, we were literally just around the corner from their offices in Adelaide.

Initially, we engaged the old-fashioned way by writing to introduce RecWise. After reading about our offering the RecWise team delivered our demonstration and RTWSA saw the benefits immediately for their business to add a framework solution.

The RTWSA team wanted an in-house installation for the application and not something hosted externally. Knowing that the application was not hosted externally, in their case, gave them peace of mind. Note that the application can however be hosted wherever you wish internally or with a service provider of your choice.

Also, the RTWSA team found that throughout the COVID19 pandemic that the software has been robust and easily accessible via VPN. So users working from home can simply connect and perform their required reconciliations.

Being a State government organisation, the reporting has to be accurate to deliver to the Attorney Generals’ department when audited. The implementation has meant that the business has achieved met the necessary requirements to achieve good audit results.


There are never any deal-stopping challenges. The users were trained in the solution and the uptake was as expected.


The team at RTWSA still loves the system and has recently upgraded to the latest release that is included in the annual subscription fee as too is the support.

For over 50 years, Flinders has been a centre of inspiring achievement: from our pioneering research and excellence in teaching to the positive impact we have in the communities we serve.

Inspiration leads to innovation. But innovation is more than just a buzzword at Flinders.

It extends from our founding Vice-Chancellor Peter Karmel’s entreaty to ‘experiment and experiment bravely’ through to the creative, trailblazing work of our staff, students and alumni.

As we enter an era of disruptive change and remarkable technological innovation, Flinders is well prepared for this unpredictable, exciting future.

Our strong network of external links keeps our work dynamic, enabling us to connect across barriers to create enterprising solutions for the future, to make a difference by changing lives and, ultimately, the world.


RecWise was actually borne by alumni from Flinders University. The request for the installation of RecWise came via a referral from a BHP user that had worked with the RecWise application. The university needed a solution and Flinders University reached out to have the product implemented.


​To meet the needs of the University a few small challenges existed. This meant that the data had to be massaged at this time to be populated into RecWise. A few challenges were faced but the application was installed and used by the university for six years in its current state. Flinders university uses the Technology One ERP platform.

​During 2019 the university’s contract was under review and being a local and Australian company was well regarded as well as being created by one of their past students. This allowed us to identify the benefits to Flinders and advise on how we would set up the application to meet their needs and remove additional processes that could be streamlined in order to get the trial balance imported in a simpler way.

Noting that the application had been in place for a number of years there were a few legacy items that needed addressing. From there we also needed to upgrade the older version to ensure continuity. Working with the Compliance team we also added in a few new features and made some friendly changes to messaging that related to the legacy system.


The relationship with Flinders has strengthened during the upgrade process. We took the time to question why the process was being done in order to add value to their processes. The training also unlocked potential in how they performed year-end and to assist in that stressful time.

​The team at Flinders was great to work with and the outcome added value to both our businesses.

​Whilst the savings in FTE etc may not be quantified the inclusion of new rules and the adoption of future software features will add benefit but not cost to the university.

People’s Choice is one of Australia’s largest credit unions with more than 375,000 members across Australia.

We’ve been working with our members for 70 years to help them meet their financial goals by providing the trusted banking services that every Australian deserves. We’re member-owned, so you know we’ll never prioritise profits over the needs of our members.

​We’re a cut above the average, which is why we continue to be recognised with awards.

Roy Morgan has named People’s Choice as the country’s best credit union in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018, and Canstar has named People’s Choice as Australia’s best customer-owned institution of the year for first home buyers in Victoria (last two years), South Australia (last five times awarded) and the Northern Territory (last four times awarded).


Again a referral from users that had previously used and knew that the application didn’t flood email systems with reminders etc. Like your email users responsible for the reconciliation process should be ensuring that they have completed their tasks.

We can send reminders but sometimes the customer doesn’t require them.

​From there the prior users noticed the improvements in design and features that assisted in setting the application up into a format that they could use simply and effectively.


Most challenges in any install are generally the first few steps to gather information. This is not really a challenge but more observation for all customers of RecWise.


A delighted customer. One user can’t remember life without RecWise and we keep the team update in relation to the new features and benefits that they can take advantage of.

A return customer, ex BHP, realised that the University’s process was not ideal and that they could improve the service easily by implementing RecWise.

Working with the team we again implemented the solution in the required timeframe with on-site training provided also.

We worked with the ERP to gather the information required to populate and had the system up and running on-site.

Since the inception, we have performed a number of upgrades at the customers’ request to keep it up to date.

If you see the balanced scales within the application this was added at the suggestion of the university and was made available just after implementation. So when we say we can make it happen we do.


A return customer realised that the process could be improved using RecWise.


As with other deployments challenges are never really encountered. We worked methodically through the process to achieve the needs of the customer.


Flexibility in the way we manage and deliver the customer experience. The product was delivered as required and training on-site performed for the team. Since then we have added a few additional features for the University which also benefit other customers.

Located 162 km southeast of Copiapo, 9 km from the border with Argentina and to a maximum height of 4,600 meters. The mine is an Open Pit.

​Production Statistics

Copper cathode (30,000 tons).
Fine copper contained in concentrates (110,000 to 150,000 tons per year)
Molybdenum contained in concentrates (3,000 tonnes).
Concentrator treatment capacity
105 000 tons per day, average.
Plant Capacity SX / EW
30,000 tonnes of cathodes, average.

During the construction stage: over 18,000 workers during peak activity. In the operative phase: 2,000 employees, including company and contractor company employees.


1,047 million tons of sulfide ore with an average copper grade of 0.34%, 120 ppm of molybdenum.
296 million tons of leachable ore with a total copper grade of 0.30%.


The team at Caserones was in part borne from another of our Chilean users. Knowing the capability of the application allowed for the Caserones team to make the decision to also implement RecWise.


The only partial challenge is sometimes the language barrier however with our templates and communications with the customer we soon had the instance of RecWise up and running.


Another successful installation for South America. The customer was happy with the transition from a non-transparent system to a system that gave them overall visibility of the reconciliation process.

Flinders Ports is South Australia’s leading port operator with seven ports located at Port Adelaide, Port Lincoln, Port Pirie, Thevenard, Port Giles, Wallaroo and Klein Point.

In addition to our port operations we also have a hydrographic survey division, called HydroSurvey Australia.

As part of Flinders Port Holdings, the privately-owned ports, and logistics group, Flinders Ports strives for the highest standards, with certifications in safety, environmental and quality management systems.

Other companies in the Flinders Port Holdings group include Flinders Logistics and Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal.


Flinders Ports required a solution that would work for them. Being an Adelaide local RecWise was more than happy to pop out to meet the team and show them how we could help. The Flinders Ports team mentioned they were looking at Blackline also however they had asked for more information so that they could build a demo and then present it in a few weeks.

This would mean that the Flinders Ports team needed to supply data of their own for the demo. It did seem like a bit of a bother and by heading out to show our generic offering the team could see the benefits immediately, without having to provide data, etc.


Not really a challenge but the Flinders Ports team needed an extract from their Technology One ERP and then we scheduled the process for them also. So now their extract is picked up from the location the data is placed in and loaded automatically to RecWise updating the balances every 30 minutes.


The team at Flinders Ports appreciates the local can-do attitude that we deliver. They have asked also for some specific enhancements that have been added in order to improve their month-end processes further. These enhancements are then taken into the latest release for all customers to benefit from.

Hastings Deering sell, rent, and offer outstanding support and parts distribution services for customers across a range of industries, including mining, general construction, civil transport and commercial construction, power systems, government, primary industries and marine.

We have over 3,000 employees, across 23 business service centres throughout Queensland, Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia, with our headquarters based in Brisbane, Australia.


Our customer base grows generally through testimonials and referrals from users that understand that the product is not only simple to transition to but also not a far cry from what users use today. So why complicate the fact.

Knowing that we can deliver a solution with 10-20 business days means that our customers are soon taking advantage and realising on the ROI sooner. Do you really need 18 months of consultation?


Whilst no challenges arose we did have users in different geographies able to access the application. Sometimes it may be a simple browser issue that is resolved. Other times it may be the server where the application is hosted.


Hastings Deering have been utilising the software for around three years without any issue. We are happy to assist with any user questions where they may be wanting to use a feature that they haven’t used in the past but the ability to reach out and resolves means that we don’t detract from their need to get the financial close done.

Established in 1978, SYSPRO is an industry-built Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed to simplify business complexity for manufacturers and distributors.

SYSPRO’s strengths lie in a simplified approach to technology and a commitment to both customer and partner success. With 40 years of solving manufacturing and distribution business challenges is built into our flexible ERP software and proven services. SYSPRO is easy to do business with and is focused on delivering increased business performance and reduced risk. The SYSPRO software solution aspires to exceed customer requirements, is highly scalable, and can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or accessed from a mobile device. Future-proof your business and experience the power of simplicity.


SYSPRO was looking for an application that compliments their ERP. Being that RecWise is a specialist niche product that they had heard about the team at SYSPRO looked into what we could offer.

In the discussion, we understood like many ERP’s they needed to fill this gap. We then worked with the team in South Africa to fill the gap for them.


Since we work with many ERP’s the challenge is to get the required information out and to integrate with RecWise. This is generally a simple extract that can be autoloaded or manually loaded or both.

The different timezones only was an initial issue as once the application is up and running the amount of assistance required is minimal.


A happy customer that enjoys the simplicity of a solution that adds value to their business. Whilst the team is not extensive the product supports the business in this key area.

Adelaide Festival Centre is South Australia’s principal performing arts venue and presenter of theatre, dance, music, and exhibitions. It is a leading Asia Pacific cultural centre.

Established in 1973, Adelaide Festival Centre is Australia’s first capital city arts venue. The splendid riverbank venue hosts more than one million people annually within its theatres (Festival Theatre, Dunstan Playhouse, and Space Theatre), restaurants, galleries, and function spaces. As well as presenting theatre, dance, music, and exhibitions, Adelaide Festival Centre creates diverse festivals to inspire, challenge, educate, and entertain. Adelaide Festival Centre welcomes audiences of all ages, experiences, and cultures.

Since 1988 Adelaide Festival Centre Trust has managed and operated Her Majesty’s Theatre, located on Grote Street. Originally opening as The New Tivoli Theatre in 1913, Adelaide’s theatre for the stars re-opened in 2020 as a completely reinvigorated world-class proscenium theatre; redefining the theatre-going experience.


Following on from audit findings that recommended a better structure and process the team at the Adelaide Festival Centre got in touch to bring the product to life for them. Another former user from Return to Work SA recommended our product as previously they had used the product and relished in what it can do for a business.

We picked up the relationship and quickly turned around the installation.


As with all our installs, we get better as we learn more and more about the issues that a customer may face. So the challenge here, well there wasn’t one, we know how to do what we do well. A team of like-minded, delivery-focused individuals.


A great turnaround time and done as per the customer’s needs resulting in them adding a framework to their reconciliations that their auditors will be happy to utilise.

We knocked on the doors of heavy industrial companies and asked them to show us the jobs no one else could do… The work no one else wanted to do. The projects others said were just too hard.

In the early days, we cut our teeth on difficult projects. We figured out how to achieve the outcomes our clients needed. We developed new technologies. We challenged the way things were done and we worked out how to do it better.

Our first major project was in 1990, just one year after we were established. We delivered one of the biggest oil refinery catalyst change-out projects in the world at the time. The client was the New Zealand Refining Company and we’re proud to say we still have this company as a client today.


The team at Contract Resources was looking for a reconciliation solution and found us online. Again there are other tools in the market but a cost-effective solution is what we are.

Lots of businesses are recommended products that are high cost and have a lot of consultancy cost built-in. But we offer a fair-priced solution that meets the needs of customers without the added hype of consultants.


As per other customers, the solution works and is easy to configure. We deliver on the demonstration concept to provide customers with a go point. No building required it is all turnkey.

RecWise worked with the Contract Resources vendor model to install the application on-site.


The customer actually read all the training and how to do documents and self-trained as they were busy with their business. A great outcome where the customer drives the solution internally. Of course, we did offer to train the team as it’s part of the course but the solution has been adopted and working well in the Contract Resources world.

We own and operate infrastructure that delivers gas to more than two million Australian homes and businesses.

We also deliver gas that supports the Australian economy – for power generators, mines, and manufacturers.

Our portfolio of companies delivers for customers across Australia. The combined distribution, transmission and storage assets make AGIG one of the largest gas infrastructure businesses in Australia.


Our current client PowerCor / CitiPower had been using the product for a number of years. One of the System Accountants recommended RecWise to the AGIG team as they had seen the ability of the product.

RecWise presented in Melbourne, Australia the product at the AGIG offices and provided the required information. This allows also the team to segregate the reconciliations between businesses that may be transferred.

The ease of use and the ability to self-manage appealed as well as the cost to implement and deliver.


Whilst installs are sometimes seen to be a challenge this is generally not the case.

A simple template that is completed by the customer provided all the data needed and this was then set up in-house.

Once completed the data was shipped to the AGIG preferred suppliers servers and deployed.

The training was completed and the AGIG team went live. Simple and effective.

Users utilising another domain and active directory were catered for with a few pieces of new code added to the application. This allows the users to effectively manage their reconciliations.


​The customer has been more than happy with the capability of the application and when any questions arise is more than happy to contact us.

We love the interaction and the ability to resolve minor issues fast via a phone call or support email.

CitiPower and PowerCor Australia both utilise the advantages of RecWise. Both businesses transmit power around the state of Victoria, Australia.

We own and manage the poles and wires that deliver electricity to more than a million homes and businesses in Victoria. We are responsible for the quality and reliability of electricity delivered to customers within the two networks.


PowerCor has been using RecWise without issue for 10+ years and recently upgraded after purchasing additional service provider MultiNet who was using Blackline as their preferred reconciliation tool.

Noting the cost opposed to RecWIse was a lot higher the team decided to consolidate into the RecWise tool.


The customer had to release the data from Blackline who were unable to assist so that the data could be brought over to RecWise. The customer ended up printing out all the reconciliations they had performed in RecWise for historical data records.


The contract with Blackline was looming for renewal however the customer team did have to renew for an additional year. This provided time to print and sort the records. On the other hand, we added the data into RecWise in a matter of days and had the customer up and running with the MultiNet team able to get in using a unique logon tool due to the active directory issues they faced for authenticating their users.

RecWise worked to develop a solution in order to deliver the required access in this unusual setup.

The customer was happy with the work and undertaking to deliver the MultiNet reconciliations in the tool and any training also provided bridged the gap for the users.

Glencore Services (Pty) Ltd based in Johannesburg, South Africa began marketing activities in South Africa in 1974, and mining in 1988. Glencore has a strong presence in both the coal and ferroalloy sectors and is a major contributor to the local, provincial, and South African economies.


Through referral the Glencore business became aware of the solution RecWise offers.


The customer at this time had no exposure to an improved reconciliation system so we entered into discussion on how to best work with the team at Glencore in order to implement the solution working with the team in South Africa and also the Head Office in Baar Switzerland.


The ability to provide a solution that works did allow Glencore the opportunity to see the benefits of software in the reconciliation process. Glencore also went to market to see what other solutions could fill the gap for them. After market research Glencore found that our solution ticked the boxes and they continue to achieve their goals using our solution that is simple to use and achieves the desired results in ensuring balance sheet integrity is met.

Gold Fields discovered the mineralisation at Salares Norte in March 2011. To date, 511 holes totalling 142,496m have been drilled on the project (115 reverse circulation holes and 396 diamond drill holes).

The project is owned by Minera Gold Fields Salares Norte Ltd (MGFSNL), which holds 1,800ha of exploitation concessions (mining rights), with definitive title granted. MGFSNL also has an option to purchase agreement for an additional 1,200ha property attached to the project. Gold Fields Limited indirectly holds a 100% interest in MGFSNL. Access rights to the property have been granted by the government and applications for water rights have also been approved.


With the need to ensure that the newly setup business manages the month end reconciliation process as per the requirements of the parent company Salares Norte’s CFO reached out to RecWise to deliver a solution that works for other clients in the region. This approach was from an ex BHP employee that knew that RecWise could deliver on the project in the required timeframes.


The challenge was to work across the time zone but as usual we work with any customer in any time zone that makes their life easier. RecWise worked with both the Chile tam and the Peru team in order to setup and configure the application.


The application will go live in March 2021 after working with the key sponsor of the project and the team to add in the required reconciliations and setup the system to the needs of the customer. Whilst there will be some tweaks required this can be done by the customer at a convenient agreed time. This will improve the reporting process and the integrity of the data provided from Chile to Peru (Head Office) in relation to the month end balance sheet reconciliations.

A proudly Australian company, Santos is a leading supplier of natural gas, a fuel for the future providing clean energy to improve the lives of people in Australia and Asia.

Santos is already Australia’s biggest domestic gas supplier and aims to be a leading Asia-Pacific LNG supplier.  For more than 65 years, Santos has been working in partnership with local communities, providing Australian jobs and business opportunities, safely and sustainably developing Australia’s natural gas resources, and powering Australian industries and households.

With its origins in the Cooper Basin, Santos has one of the largest exploration and production acreages in Australia and extensive infrastructure and is committed to supplying the domestic markets, unlocking resources and driving value and performance.


The ability of RecWise for SANTOS came about via referral. Knowing the capability and the no nonsense approach to managing the reconciliation process the team realised the product fitted the needs of the business.

Working through the requirements and the ability to install quickly meant the accounting team had the application available in three months.


The challenge was to work to a slightly tight timeframe in order to get the application up and running before year end.​


The application went live in April 2022 after working with the project team. A few tweaks are expected and this will be managed with the team to enable and deliver a great fit to the SANTOS business.

SANTOS knows that there are products available that cost considerably more, however as they say a “Rec is a Rec”.

It is named after the Onkaparinga River, whose name comes from Ngangkiparinga, a Kaurna word meaning women’s river. It is the largest LGA in South Australia, with a population of over 170,000 people in both urban and rural communities and is also geographically expansive, encompassing an area of 518.3 km².


A prior user referred RecWise to the council as the only way he would do reconciliations from now on. So with that piece of information the council reviewed the application to see if it was suitable for purpose which it was.


The application was successfully deployed and is now being happily used by council.

Council has also been proactive in allowing another local council view the application and it capabilities and will soon also be using RecWise.

APM are more than 14,750 people in 11 countries with a global purpose – to enable better lives.

APM started in 1994 as a small team in Perth, Western Australia, looking to provide better vocational rehabilitation for injured workers so they could recover their health and stay in their jobs.

Today we’re an international human services provider with locations across Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, North America, and Asia.

Our services focus on enhancing an individual’s employability, health and wellbeing, and social and economic participation in their community.

For people with injury, illness or disability, as well as children and the elderly, the unemployed, and those facing hardship or harm, our teams make a positive and lasting social impact every day.

APM now supports more than 2.1 million people of all ages to live a better quality of life each year.


APM were looking for a cost effective alternative to other solution offered. This led them to contact us through the consultancy firm ‘Accenture’.

APM have stringent requirements in order to meet governmental requirements in the provision of services.


Whilst there were a few challenges there was nothing too difficult. We did however have to change the entire project as the initial thoughts were changed. Something we just do and get on with without changing the delivery cost for APM. Now happily being used we hope to rollout further in the near future to other countries.

A proudly Queensland-owned and based energy company that provides power to some of our state’s biggest industries and employers.


CS Energy approached RecWise looking for a cost effective solution that could be used in the business and was straight forward to use.


Implemented successfully to the business and providing the robustness around the reconciliation for more than six months.

Some of our partners