Flinders Ports was formed in 2001 when the Flinders Ports consortium successfully acquired seven ports that were privatised by the South Australian Government. 


Flinders Ports is South Australia’s leading port operator with seven ports located at Port Adelaide, Port Lincoln, Port Pirie, Thevenard, Port Giles, Wallaroo and Klein Point.

In addition to the port infrastructure, Flinders Ports acquired a 99-year land lease and port operating licence for the Port of Adelaide and six regional ports.

Since launching with 191 workers in 2001, Flinders Ports has grown to become a significant economic player and employer in South Australia. In 2007, Flinders Ports became part of the Flinders Port Holdings group, which now employs over 800 staff and is listed number 7 in the South Australian Business Index of top 100 companies, released in September 2019.

manages port activities in locations around Australia. As a growing entity they needed a better way to manage the process. They advised Blackline were happy to provide a demo but needed a lot of their information to setup a test area to demonstrate. At this time, they reached out to RecWise to see how we worked. A demonstration was arranged and we popped out with a laptop with demo data on it already to go. They must have liked what they saw and went with a simple, robust and effective system.

The value in the product and the ease of use was one factor and we have worked in suggestions that Flinders Ports have provided to add more value to their operations.


Flinders Ports required a solution that would work for them. Being an Adelaide local RecWise was more than happy to pop out to meet the team and show them how we could help. The Flinders Ports team mentioned they were looking at Blackline also however they had asked for more information so that they could build a demo and then present it in a few weeks.


This would mean that the Flinders Ports team needed to supply data of their own for the demo. It did seem like a bit of a bother and by heading out to show our generic offering the team could see the benefits immediately, without having to provide data etc,etc.


Not really a challenge but the Flinders Ports team needed an extract from their Technology One ERP and then we scheduled the process for them also. So now there extract is picked up from the location the data is placed in and loaded automatically to RecWise updating the balances every 30 minutes. 


The team at Flinders Ports appreciate the local can do attitude that we deliver. They have asked also for some specific enhancements that have been added in order to improve their month end processes further. These enhancements are then taken into the latest release for all customers to benefit.