Hastings Deering sell, rent, and offer outstanding support and parts distribution services for customers across a range of industries, including mining, general construction, civil transport and commercial construction, power systems, government, primary industries and marine.

We have over 3,000 employees, across 23 business service centres throughout Queensland, Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia, with our headquarters based in Brisbane, Australia.


Our customer base grows generally through testimonials and referrals from users that understand that the product is not only simple to transition to but also not a far cry from what users use today. So why complicate the fact.

Knowing that we can deliver a solution with 10-20 business days means that our customers are soon taking advantage and realising on the ROI sooner. Do you really need 18 months of consultation?


Whilst no challenges arose we did have users in different geographies able to access the application. Sometimes it may be a simple browser issue that is resolved. Other times it may be the server where the application is hosted. 


Hastings Deering have been utilising the software for around three years without any issue. We are happy to assist with any user questions where they may be wanting to use a feature that they haven't used in the past but the ability to reach out and resolves means that we don't detract from their need to get the financial close done.