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Pendal is an independent, global investment management business focused on delivering superior investment returns for our clients through active management.

Our proven and experienced fund managers have the autonomy to make decisions with conviction, built on a philosophy of meritocracy that fosters success from a diversity of insights and approaches to investment.


Formerly Pendal, known as BT Investment Management (BTIM), needed to move to a reconciliation tool that could meet their expected quick turnaround.


At the time BTIM were part of the Westpac Group and were divested. BTIM were to find a replacement system to assist with the month end reconciliations in a short turnaround period. For that they turned to RecWise where we guaranteed we could turn around their need in ten business days once they provided us with the data required.


The short timeframe to go-live was seen as a challenge at first however the teams worked succinctly to identify the need in order to fill the gap.

In short we were there for Pendal and delivered on budget and within the timeframe required. 


Pendal have moved simply through a name change from BTIM using our application. The needs of the customer are met and we met the need to deliver within a short timeframe. Whilst the ROI could be measured in reduced FTE the fact is that the resources can be put to better use.