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People’s Choice is one of Australia’s largest credit unions with more than 375,000 members across Australia.


We’ve been working with our members for 70 years to help them meet their financial goals by providing the trusted banking services that every Australian deserves. We’re member-owned, so you know we’ll never prioritise profits over the needs of our members.

We’re a cut above the average, which is why we continue to be recognised with awards.


Roy Morgan has named People’s Choice as the country’s best credit union in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018, and Canstar has named People’s Choice as Australia’s best customer-owned institution of the year for first homebuyers in Victoria (last two years), South Australia (last five times awarded) and the Northern Territory (last four times awarded).


Again a referral from users that had previously used and knew a that the application didn't flood email systems with reminders etc. Like your email users responsible for the reconciliation process should be ensuring that they have completed their tasks. 

We can send reminders but sometimes the customer doesn't require them.

From there the prior users noticed the improvements in design and features that assisted in setting the application up into a format that they could use simply and effectively.


Most challenges in any install is generally the first few steps to gather information. This is not really a challenge but more an observation for all customers of RecWise.


A delighted customer. One user can't remember life without RecWise and we keep the team update in relation to the new features and benefits that they can take advantage of.