Queensland Rail's purpose is to provide a customer-focused, safe, reliable, on-time, value for money rail service that benefits the community, supports industry and is integrated with the public transport system. The organisation's vision is connecting communities through a modern, world-class rail service.

Queensland Rail is a statutory authority established by the Queensland Government under the QRTA Act and is a statutory body for the purposes of the Financial Accountability Act 2009 (Qld) and the Statutory Bodies Financial Arrangements Act 1982 (Qld).

Queensland Rail employs more than 7,300 people (headcount) and has total assets valued at $7.8 billion

Queensland Rail’s Citytrain product primarily services the commuter passenger market in South East Queensland, with more than 54 million passenger trips undertaken in the 2018-19 financial year.

Currently the only customer remaining on version one of our software. As QR see it they haven’t had to upgrade the system as it has been providing the services they need.


Being robust does have some advantages but the new features in the current version will soon be required due to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11 being retired in 2021.

Queensland Rail was the initial customer and the rail business for Aurizon was divested.


RecWise at that time worked with the customers to separate the data and provide the new environment to Aurizon. Knowing that they would still need to retain historical data RecWise left the historical data with QR as well as bringing it forward to the Aurizon team so that they had continuity of records.


At the time RecWise was the only Australian product in the market and as far as we know remains the only product.


Quennsland Rails need, was similar to BHP's, was to have a robust framework that could be used to manage the reconciliation process within the business. When they sold part of the rail network to Aurizon RecWise worked with both parties to create two independent applications.


With the identified needs at the time RecWise installed the application in the timeframe required. As for savings this is hard to quantify but the saving in printing, storage and FTE would have been considerably more than the cost of the application.