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Additional Email Capability

Task Module

         Journal Entries

v5.2 Features & Enhancements

Simpler Archiving

Two-Factor Authentication

Report for Financial Years

Rework Reason Selection

v5.1 Features & Enhancements

Import Master Templates from Excel

Reduced Popup Windows

Improved RecFace Menu's for Preparers and Reviewers

Improved Rec Management screen

Improved Period Due Dates

Prepayment Auto Complete Rules

Upload Error Messaging Improved

v4.2 Features & Enhancements

Reconciling Item Partial Clearance

Reconciling Item pass over

Extract Master Templates

Improved Audit Log Reporting

Report by Asset

Report by Region

Custom Frequency

EBP Description Field (Board Papers)

v4.1 Features & Enhancements

Closing Cockpit / Checks for Month End

Copy Templates

Insert GL Balance into Template

Base Company Rec duplication

Partial Completion of Rec Items

v4.0 Features & Enhancements

Rec Grouping across different Companies

User Management Screen Update

Define your GL Upload Header Row Start Position