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Coming Soon

Additional Email Capability

Task Module

Journal Entries

Closing Cockpit for the Administrator

Prepayment Auto Complete Rules

Extract Master Templates

New field to assign to Assets
New field to assign to Regions

v4.1 Features & Enhancements

Closing Cockpit / Checks for Month End

Copy Templates

Insert GL Balance into Template

Base Company Rec duplication

Partial Completion of Rec Items

v4.0 Features & Enhancements

Rec Grouping across different Companies

User Management Screen Update

Define your GL Upload Header Row Start Position

v3.4 Features & Enhancements

Add Rec Item Attachments at the Rec Item level

Microsoft Azure Integration

Automated Account Upload facility

Enhanced Notifications 

Ability to Manage Compliance Item Categories

Scheduled Account Uploads (new accounts)

Scheduled Rec Item Uploads

Add New Status of 'Outstanding'

v3.3 Features & Enhancements

Automated GL Balance Upload facility (SAP, TechOne, Dynamics, etc)

Reconciling Item Bulk Delete feature

New Administrator interface

New Help section

v3.2 Features & Enhancements

Extended User Dashboard Report View

New Graphical Reports

Reconciling Items Upload

'New' Auto-Complete Rules

Auto-Complete Interruption


v3.0 Features & Enhancements

New User Interface

New Dashboard Reports area

Integrated Calculator

Cross-Browser Compatibility - IE 11 and Chrome v52

Foreign Currency

Priorities are now called Low, Medium and High

Clearer Due Dates for preparation or completion

Improved Legend for Due Dates

The Ability to upload and display Excel 2003-2013

GL Balance Displayed on the main Reconciliation Page

Administrator can email all RecWise Users

Improved error messaging if auto-complete fails

Preventing simultaneous Administrator and Team Leader roles

Preventing adding users without an Email address

Auditor Pack

Archiving of Reconciliations only if current period closed

Warning message when deactivating a Reconciliation

Preparer Enhancement – editing the reconciliation purpose

Reviewer Enhancement - prompting confirmation when the complete button is pressed

Administrator Enhancement - Warning when creating or finalising periods

Adding Frequency to the Manage Reconciliation List

Improved integrated spreadsheet



v2.2 Features & Enhancements

RecWise Dashboard



v2.1 Features & Enhancements

Bulk Archiving

Security Enhancements

Content update for the emails sent by RecWise

Flagging Reconciliations with overdue reconciling Items

New Auto-complete rule: Auto-complete if balance has not changed

Administrator - Modifying system configuration items

Marking reconciliations that have been audited

Archiving an Auto-Complete rec will also archive the associated Auto-Complete rec if it exists

Listing and sorting based on priority

Searching for Reconciliations "Not Created"

Better presentation of internal compliance review report

User Interface Enhancements