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ReturnToWorkSA is responsible for providing work injury insurance and regulating the South Australian Return to Work scheme.

We provide insurance that protects South Australian businesses and their workers in the event of a work injury.

This insurance protection provides financial support to cover worker wages, reasonable medical treatment and return to work services to people who have been injured at work.

Our services and those delivered by our claims agents are designed to provide early intervention support to workers and employers following a work injury to ensure the worker can recover and return to work as quickly as possible.


Return to Work SA were approached by RecWise at the time they were actually looking for a paperless solution for their reconciliations and to meet their compliance and audit outcomes needs. Luckily at the time we were literally just around the corner from their offices in Adelaide.

Initially we engaged the old fashioned way by writting to introduce RecWise. After reading about our offering the RecWise team delivered our demonstration and RTWSA saw the benefits immediately for their business to add a framework solution.


The RTWSA team wanted an in house installation for the application and not something hosted externally. Knowing that the application was not hosted externally, in their case, gave them piece of mind. Note that the application can however be hosted wherever you wish internally or with a service provider of your choice.

Also the RTWSA team found that throughout the COVID19 pandemic that the software has been robust and easily accessible via VPN. So users working from home can simply connect and perform their required reconciliations.

Being a State government organisation, the reporting has to be accurate to deliver to the Attorney Generals department when audited. The implementation has meant that the business has achieved met the necessary requirements to achieve good audit results.


There are never any deal stopping challenges. The users were trained in the solution and the uptake was as expected.


The team at RTWSA still love the system and have recently upgraded to the latest release that is included in the annual subscription fee as too is the support.