South32's purpose is to make a difference by developing natural resources, improving people's lives now and for generations to come. We are trusted by our owners and partners to realise the potential of their resources.


South32 was created by the divestment of its assets from BHP. As such BHP were using RecWise and the divestment meant that those records of the S32 balance sheet accounts needed to be transferred from BHP to S32.


With the divestment the challenges were that the timeframe to suit the Day1 of South32 was fast approaching. This meant that with the  team RecWise worked to identify the data that needed to come across from BHP. Also from that point the data also remaind as historical data for BHP.

Transferring the old data across servers was done seemlessly. The users did not encounter any issue during or after the transition.


A successful project was delivered as budgeted and costed. The users transitioned seemlessly to the new environment without interuption.