Workflow Month End


Each ROLE in RecWise has a unique roles to play.


The ADMINISTRATOR is responsible to ensure all the accounts are captured and that the correct USERS are assigned to the correct REC.


BELOW we discuss the roles and the Workflow.


RESPONSIBLE for the information in the system.


The Admin can update and create Recs, Autocomplete rules, etc.

For example autocomplete rules can be used to reduce the number of Recs needing to be touched in a month. If a rule is met then the User doesn't need to perform the Rec.

Reconciliation Preparation RecWise Blackline Complinace AdraMatch TRecs SkyStem FinServ
Administrator RecWise Blackline Adramatch SkyStem TRecs Proquest FinServ Compliance


RESPONSIBLE for the preparation of the Rec.

RecWise identifies which recs need to be actioned by when. This allows the Preparer to action items in a defined way. Recs can be High, Medium or Low priority Recs.


When a Preparer comments on a Rec then emails will be sent to the Reviewer for review.


RESPONSIBLE for the certification of the Rec.

Once the Rec is submitted the Reviewer/Certifier can identify the Recs that need to be actioned and reviewed.


If there is missing information then this can be REWORKED back to the Preparer. Comments when added will be emailed to the Preparer for actioning and resubmission.

Mangement Review for reconciliations. Financial Results and Month End Close. Blackline adramatch trecs skystem excel
Certify Reconciliations like Blackline Adramatch FinServ AutoRek SkyStem


Can REVIEW and RATE the reconciliation(s).

Internal compliance can check and flag Recs to ensure that the business policy and procedures are being effectively followed.

Similarly where a central team is responsible for the Recs a business unit / business partner could access the Recs and rate these as they see fit.


When AUDIT eventually turns up on the doorstep you can make the Auditor part of the Users. This will allow them to access the Recs you want to provide and add feedback into the application.


This reduces interruptions to staff that are busy enough with the month end process already.