Adelaide Festival Centre

Adelaide Festival Centre is South Australia’s principal performing arts venue and presenter of theater, dance, music, and exhibitions. It is a leading Asia Pacific cultural center.

Established in 1973, Adelaide Festival Centre is Australia’s first capital city arts venue. The splendid riverbank venue hosts more than one million people annually within its theaters (Festival Theatre, Dunstan Playhouse, and Space Theatre), restaurants, galleries, and function spaces. As well as presenting theater, dance, music, and exhibitions, Adelaide Festival Centre creates diverse festivals to inspire, challenge, educate, and entertain. Adelaide Festival Centre welcomes audiences of all ages, experiences, and cultures.

Since 1988 Adelaide Festival Centre Trust has managed and operated Her Majesty’s Theatre, located on Grote Street. Originally opening as The New Tivoli Theatre in 1913, Adelaide’s theater for the stars re-opened in 2020 as a completely reinvigorated world-class proscenium theater; redefining the theater-going experience.

Why Recwise?

Following on from audit findings that recommended a better structure and process the team at the Adelaide Festival Centre got in touch to bring the product to life for them. Another former user from Return to Work SA recommended our product as previously they had used the product and relished in what it can do for a business.

We picked up the relationship and quickly turned around the installation.

The Outcomes

As with all our installs, we get better as we learn more and more about the issues that a customer may face. So the challenge here, well there wasn’t one, we know how to do what we do well. A team of like-minded, delivery-focused individuals.

The Results

A great turnaround time and done as per the customer’s needs resulting in them adding a framework to their reconciliations that their auditors will be happy to utilise.

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