Tailored Solutions for You

We like to believe that we provide the fit for the client that suits their business and unique needs. We work hard to deliver the application in the best shape for your success.

We don’t have expensive consultants; we work directly with you. Delivering a solution in as little as ten business days can be achievable if all your ducks are aligned, or in our case owls.

Passionate to improving your business, we aim to add features to the product that are unique to you so that we can add greater benefit to your experience. You already know the process, so why not just modernize and automate the experience?

We are always responsive to the needs of our customers, and you can bet that we will be bringing a whole lot of heart and soul to your business.

Software should be easy to use and lots of vendors may say that’s the case but is it?

We know from our users that they can be self sufficient within three months. During the installation and configuration we perform training for the Administrator team and then the Users team.

Supporting documentation is available within the application as a reference point for users and the administrators alike and if anything is still unclear or you want a little more clarity then call us or email us at

Customers often have a request for features that will improve the process for themselves. Often this may mean that the application is seen as bespoke. Therefore, changes to the application are harder and vendors will bump up the price to assist in your bespoke solution.

RecWise we view the request for features as adding benefit to the overall usability of the application. So we take the idea, assess it and advise whether we can add it into a future release. If we can then great it will be added at no additional cost and makes up the vanilla offering of the product so when it comes to future upgrades these just occur, no bespoke considerations or costs.

We don’t think you’ll need us too much but if you do, you have the RecWise Administrator reach out to us. If it is urgent we suggest ringing us, if its not critical then you can email us at and we will respond ASAP to the request. Generally, we respond at least in eight (8) business hours.

We do request some access rights to assist with support but if that is not available then we will work with your support model to resolve any issues in the most expeditious way.

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