“We haven’t encountered an audit failure in two decades.”

Don't risk it

Risk mitigation is typically a standard requirement across all aspects of your business, but it may not always be prioritized in your financial statements. A framework offers the strength and reliability needed for comprehensive reporting. While your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is invaluable, adding a complementary tool like RecWise simplifies and enhances compliance.

Businesses that are publicly and privately listed are burdened with the need to comply, there are various tools available to cover safety and policies but less around the accounting activities.

RecWise is unique in offering a compliance framework for the balance sheet accounts for your month-end. Being a simple tool that can assist you in collaborating the balance in your ERP allows for a smoother audit when the time comes. This improves the quality of the audit which leads to easily prepared financial statements for the board and ultimately for the shareholders.


The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002) protects investors from fraudulent activities by corporations via stringent reforms and regulations; our framework minimizes the risk of financial misstatements.


RecWise reinforces SOX Section 404 compliance, enhancing internal controls for robust financial risk assessment and good corporate governance.


RecWise ensures measures are in place for SOX Section 302 compliance, empowering CEOs and CFOs with confidence in accurate financial reporting and the internal controls surrounding the process.

Comprehensive Coverage of Regulatory Compliance

U.S.A – SOX Act of 2002

Australia – Corporate Law Economic Reform Program Act 2004 (CLERP)

Canada – C-SOX

France – Loi sur la Sécurité Financière (“Financial Security Law of France”) – 2003

Germany – German Corporate Governance Code

Holland – Code Tabaksblat – 2003 Dutch governance code

Japan – J-SOX 2006

South Africa – King Report on Corporate Governance- 2002

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