Aurizon is helping grow regional Australia by delivering bulk commodities to the world. To achieve this, the Company has three major avenues: Network, Coal, and Bulk. Aurizon is also a leading specialist in rail design, engineering, construction, management, and maintenance services, and it offers large-scale supply chain solutions to a diverse range of customers.

​The Company’s success and future value are linked to the key demand drivers of the Australian resources sector in global markets and the ongoing strength of the Australian economy.

​Aurizon is well-placed to benefit from the continued long-term growth in demand for coal and iron ore, particularly from fast-growing Asian economies such as Japan, China and India.

Why Recwise?

RecWise was chosen over 10 years ago to provide a solution, versa Recman. The solution was upgraded in 2018 as there was a need to take advantage of new features to move with the Aurizon business.

​For IE11 in 2021, we are upgrading both the current version and the historical data to ensure there is no reliance on IE11.

As Aurizon had been using the product for some time, another upgrade ensued. Why, you ask, had they not upgraded previously? Well, the software just works.

The Outcomes

Some customers have a more challenging scenario when it comes to updating or implementing patches. We currently work via their IT department in order to facilitate the changes required. We work within the customer’s preferred vendor model to access the environment, which ensures that it can be monitored.

​Since we don’t push updates on our customers, they have the confidence that the application is available.​

The Results

The upgrade to transition data from IE11 will be successful as this activity has already been undertaken and tested. Users will be able to utilize either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.

A new test environment will be implemented by the customer at no additional cost from RecWise so that Aurizon can benefit from future releases and test them prior to upgrading.

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