If required, your reconciliation process can include an additional level of review by Approvers. They serve as a second layer of quality assurance, ensuring that everything meets the required standards before certifying the reconciliation. Any issues can be flagged and sent back for rework. This is useful for important reconciliations that need a little more certification.


External auditors can verify reconciliations without interrupting the accounting team. They can review supporting documentation and the reconciliations in one centralized place, speeding up the audit process and potentially saving you audit costs. RecWise also has the ability to show only certain recs to specific auditors, in case your business requires multiple auditors, without disclosing all your information.

Internal Compliance

The internal compliance team can review reconciliations and verify that policies and procedures are being followed. This proactive approach helps identify and resolve issues before they escalate to external audits.

Business Unit CFOs

In businesses where reconciliations are a centralized process, divisional heads or business unit heads can have access to overview reconciliations and provide feedback.

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