Located 162 km southeast of Copiapo, 9 km from the border with Argentina and to a maximum height of 4,600 meters. The mine is an Open Pit.

​Production Statistics

Copper cathode (30,000 tons).
Fine copper contained in concentrates (110,000 to 150,000 tons per year)
Molybdenum contained in concentrates (3,000 tonnes).
Concentrator treatment capacity
105,000 tons per day, average.
Plant Capacity SX / EW
30,000 tonnes of cathodes, average.

During the construction stage: over 18,000 workers during peak activity. In the operative phase: 2,000 employees, including company and contractor company employees.


1,047 million tons of sulfide ore with an average copper grade of 0.34%, 120 ppm of molybdenum.
296 million tons of leachable ore with a total copper grade of 0.30%.

Why Recwise?

The team at Caserones was in part borne from another of our Chilean users. Knowing the capability of the application encouraged the Caserones team to make the decision to also implement RecWise.

The Outcomes

The only partial challenge is sometimes the language barrier. However, with our templates and communications with the customer, we soon had the instance of RecWise up and running.

The Results

Another successful installation for South America. The customer was happy with the transition from a non-transparent system to a system that gave them overall visibility of the reconciliation process.

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