The University of Adelaide

A return customer, ex-BHP, realized that the University’s process was not ideal and that they could easily improve the service by implementing RecWise.

Working with the team we again implemented the solution in the required timeframe and also provided on-site training.

We worked with the ERP to gather the information required to populate and had the system up and running on-site.

Since its inception, we have performed a number of upgrades at the customers’ request to keep it up to date.

If you look at the balanced scales within the application, they were added at the suggestion of the university and were made available just after implementation. So when we say we can make it happen, we do.

Why Recwise?

A return customer realized that the process could be improved using RecWise.

The Outcomes

As with other deployments challenges are never really encountered. We worked methodically through the process to achieve the needs of the customer.

The Results

Flexibility in the way we manage and deliver the customer experience. The product was delivered as required and provided on-site training for the team. Since then we have added a few additional features for the University which also benefit other customers.

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