Citipower Powercor

CitiPower and PowerCor Australia both utilize the advantages of RecWise. Both businesses transmit power around the state of Victoria, Australia.

They own and manage the poles and wires that deliver electricity to more than a million homes and businesses in Victoria. They are responsible for the quality and reliability of electricity delivered to customers within the two networks.

Why Recwise?

PowerCor has been using RecWise without issue for 10+ years and recently upgraded after purchasing additional service provider MultiNet who was using Blackline as their preferred reconciliation tool.

Noting the cost opposed to RecWise was a lot higher, the team decided to consolidate into the RecWise tool.

The Outcomes

The customer had to release the data from Blackline, who were unable to assist to bring the data over to RecWise. The customer ended up printing out all the reconciliations they had performed in RecWise for historical data records.

The Results

The contract with Blackline was looming for renewal however the customer team did have to renew for an additional year. This provided time to print and sort the records. On the other hand, we added the data into RecWise in a matter of days and had the customer up and running with the MultiNet team able to get in using a unique logon tool due to the active directory issues they faced for authenticating their users.

RecWise worked to develop a solution in order to deliver the required access in this unusual setup.

The customer was happy with the work and undertaking to deliver the MultiNet reconciliations in the tool, and further training was also provided to bridge the gap for the users.

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