Glencore Services (Pty) Ltd, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, began marketing activities in South Africa in 1974 and mining in 1988. Glencore has a strong presence in both the coal and ferroalloy sectors and is a major contributor to the local, provincial, and South African economies.

Why Recwise?

Through referral the Glencore business became aware of the solution RecWise offers.

The Outcomes

The customer at this time had no experience working with an improved reconciliation system. So we entered into a discussion on how to best work with the team at Glencore in order to implement the solution working with the team in South Africa and also the Head Office in Baar Switzerland.

The Results

The ability to provide a solution that works did allow Glencore the opportunity to see the benefits of software in the reconciliation process. Glencore also went to market to see what other solutions could fill the gap for them. After some market research Glencore found that our solution ticked the boxes and they continue to achieve their goals using our solution that is simple to use and achieves the desired results in ensuring balance sheet integrity is met.

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