Gold Fields

Gold Fields discovered the mineralization at Salares Norte in March 2011. To date, 511 holes totalling 142,496m have been drilled on the project (115 reverse circulation holes and 396 diamond drill holes).

The project is owned by Minera Gold Fields Salares Norte Ltd (MGFSNL), which holds 1,800ha of exploitation concessions (mining rights), with definitive title granted. MGFSNL also has an option to purchase agreement for an additional 1,200ha property attached to the project. Gold Fields Limited indirectly holds a 100% interest in MGFSNL. Access rights to the property have been granted by the government and applications for water rights have also been approved.

Why Recwise?

With the need to ensure that the newly setup business manages the month end reconciliation process as per the requirements of the parent company Salares Norte’s CFO reached out to RecWise to deliver a solution that works for other clients in the region. This approach was from an ex BHP employee that knew that RecWise could deliver on the project in the required timeframes.

The Outcomes

The challenge was to work across the time zone but as usual we work with any customer in any time zone that makes their life easier. RecWise worked with both the Chile team and the Peru team in order to setup and configure the application.

The Results

The application will go live in March 2021 after working with the key sponsor of the project and the team to add in the required reconciliations and set up the system to the needs of the customer. While there will be some tweaks required this can be done by the customer at a convenient agreed time. This will improve the reporting process and the integrity of the data provided from Chile to Peru (Head Office) in relation to the month-end balance sheet reconciliations.

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