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For over 50 years, Flinders has been a centre of inspiring achievement: from our pioneering research and excellence in teaching to the positive impact we have in the communities we serve.

Inspiration leads to innovation. But innovation is more than just a buzzword at Flinders.

It extends from our founding Vice-Chancellor Peter Karmel’s entreaty to ‘experiment and experiment bravely’ through to the creative, trailblazing work of our staff, students and alumni.

As we enter an era of disruptive change and remarkable technological innovation, Flinders is well prepared for this unpredictable, exciting future.

Our strong network of external links keeps our work dynamic, enabling us to connect across barriers to create enterprising solutions for the future, to make a difference by changing lives and, ultimately, the world.

Why Recwise?

RecWise was actually borne by alumni from Flinders University. The request for the installation of RecWise came via a referral from a BHP user that had worked with the RecWise application. The university needed a solution and Flinders University reached out to have the product implemented.

The Outcomes

​To meet the needs of the University a few small challenges existed. This meant that the data had to be massaged at this time to be populated into RecWise. A few challenges were faced but the application was installed and used by the university for six years in its current state. Flinders university uses the Technology One ERP platform.

​During 2019 the university’s contract was under review and being a local and Australian company was well regarded as well as being created by one of their past students. This allowed us to identify the benefits to Flinders and advise on how we would set up the application to meet their needs and remove additional processes that could be streamlined in order to get the trial balance imported in a simpler way.

Noting that the application had been in place for a number of years there were a few legacy items that needed addressing. From there we also needed to upgrade the older version to ensure continuity. Working with the Compliance team we also added in a few new features and made some friendly changes to messaging that related to the legacy system.

The Results

The relationship with Flinders has strengthened during the upgrade process. We took the time to question why the process was being done in order to add value to their processes. The training also unlocked potential in how they performed year-end and to assist in that stressful time.

​The team at Flinders was great to work with and the outcome added value to both our businesses.

​Whilst the savings in FTE etc may not be quantified the inclusion of new rules and the adoption of future software features will add benefit but not cost to the university.

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