Sierra Gorda SCM

Sierra Gorda SCM produces copper and molybdenum concentrate by processing 15,000 tons of ore daily and produces 108,000 tons of copper annually.

Molybdenum production reaches 9 thousand tons per year, being an important contribution to the country’s production. They produce with the lowest grade of copper sulfides, with the constant challenge of looking for alternatives and new ways of producing, which positions the as low-grade mining pioneers.

Why Recwise?

​Sierra Gorda was looking for a product to help with the reconciliation process and also compared the Blackline product. For simplicity and cost, the Sierra Gorda team realized the value that we could offer. It was a simple decision in order to meet the needs of the team at Sierra Gorda.

The Outcomes

​A few small challenges based on the fact that at RecWise we don’t speak Spanish/Chilean. However, working with the team at Sierra Gorda we managed to cross the small hurdle. Also in using the local peso we need to enhance the product a little to show both USD and Peso currency which was a small enhancement that led to us introducing the ability to utilise foreign currency month-end rates which can benefit other customers.

The Results

The customer was happy with the way in which we implemented and adapted to their needs to deliver a valued product. We did this and have gained a few Chilean customers in the meantime. The training was conducted for the customer in their timezone in order to ensure that all users could attend the training sessions.

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